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Fundraising can happen anywhere.

With PayPal Here you can process donations on the go, accept any form of payment, and make it easy for multiple users to raise funds with you.

Fundraise anywhere on your smartphone or iPad®

PayPal Here is the ideal way to fundraise in person. Whether you need to sell charity ball tickets at
Easy Online Magazine Fundraiser

Raise funds easily with this Online Magazine Fundraiser.  Today, almost everything’s done online, so why not the way you raise funds?

It’s free, so there's no risk involved and your group earns up to 40% profit.  Reach supporters across the US with a wide variety of products at great prices!

Here's what you get with your Online Magazine Fundraiser:
  • Customized with your team logo/photos and text.
  • Stays open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Allows for sending emails to your group members inviting them to participate.
  • Allows for sending  emails to supporters inviting them to visit.
  • Receive a special link to share your website through social network sites, blogs, etc.

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Fundraising Training Video

The Bake Sale Fundraiser ranks among the top five old time fundraising favorites. 

The bake sale is one of the easiest and most interactive of all fundraisers.

Done right, it can also raise awareness
in your community about who you are
and what you are trying to accomplish.

The best part is that it can gain you a lot of "good will" and a lot of new followers. 

This new customer list can ultimately lead to more donations if you integrate them into your social media or email lists.
...and get this Social Commerce Fundraiser book made for Entrepreneurs absolutely FREE!
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Nestle Chocolate Fundraising makes fundraising simple.
Finding Profitable Fundraising Products

Discover what many other Nonprofit Groups, Schools, Teams, Associations and Clubs know about successful fundraising.  Profits from products range from 40%... 50%... 90% and more! 

Explore... and find the many EASY quests for your next highly profitable fundraiser!

We've Helped: Clubs, Associations, Boosters, Church / Faith, Personal / Individual, Schools, and Sports

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Great Nonprofit Fundraising Products And Services

Fundraising Software Use the easy way to keep up with donors and supporters.  Affordable and powerful.  Try it out for free.

Online Auction Makes $Raise more money with our End-to-End Fundraising Auction Management System.  Mobile ready too.

Unlimited Email SystemPublish eNewsletters, and efficiently communicate with your core Supporters. 30 day free trial.

Social Commerce Tools Enhance your Social Media Connections with the latest Social Commerce tools and resources.

Recycle, Raise Funds Collect and turn in Inkjet cartridges, Cell Phones, Laser Cartridges, laptops and more while helping the environment too.
Whether asking for ticket sales the door, close out a silent auction on the spot, or collect funds at an exhibit, PayPal Here and your smartphone let you complete a transaction instantly.

Mobilize your whole team

Empower your staff and volunteers to fundraise for your cause. Set up multiple PayPal Here users and all funds they raise will go securely into one PayPal account. See for yourself here
Newest Most Profitable Fundraiser Available

You won't believe how easy this totally online fundraiser is.  And practically everybody is consuming it.  Get in on this early and raise funds month after month.

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