Fundraising Ideas

We have divided this section into product fundraising ideas that are aimed to help you be successful.  Most are free.  Send us your suggestions on ideas and tips that have worked for your own organization.  You can E-mail us about your success and we'll pass it along to others.

We are here to assist you with some great FREE fundraising ideas. 

We invite you to click on any of the active links below for more information on those subjects. 

Non-active links are just an idea for now and do not have any written material on the subject, but be sure to check back in the future for those links going active as more articles are written.

Acquiring New Donors
Affinity Programs (Credit Cards, Phone Cards, etc.)
Alumni Reunions
Annual Gifts Campaign
Art Exhibit
Bake Sales - Fundraising Is A Piece Of Cake
Balloon Bouquets
Balloon Ride And Dinner
Basketball In The Street
Bazaar And Fair
Beach Party
Biscuits And Bagels Breakfast Bonanza
Block Party
Box Lunches (Sell tickets and let a caterer do the work)
Box Top and Coupon Collecting Programs
Business Luncheon Catered
Breakfasts With Ticket Sale (Pancake, International Food, etc)
Bucket Brigade Plan
Business Directory Ad Sales
Calendar Creation
Camping Cookbook
Canned Preserves, Jams and Jellies
Cardboard Boat Regatta - Video
Cardboard Shabby Town Campout
Car Washes
Cash Back Rewards Program
Catalog Merchandise Sales
Celebrity Lunch Or Dinner Auction
Challenge Gifts
Chili Cook Off
Christmas Candy Sale
Christmas Card Sale
Christmas Craft Sale
Christmas Decor Boutique
Christmas Gift Wrapping Booth
Christmas Stocking Stuffers
Christmas Tree Sales
Christmas Wish Tree
Crafts Fairs
Collecting Spare Change Donations
College Final Exam Survival Kits
Combined Giving Campaigns - Federal - Article
Commemorative Coins
Community Festival
Concession Stand
Consignment Sales
Cookoff Contests (Dutch Oven, Dad & Daughter, etc.)
Dessert Extravaganza Tasting
Direct Mail
Directory Distribution For Profit
Dispersing Funds Toward An Individuals Effort - Article
Donation Receipts
Door Prizes
Do Something For Others First - Article
Duck Derby Float-a-thon
Easter Gift Basket
Electronic Funds Transfer
Event Attendants Service
Exploding Profits - Fireworks Tent Sale
Fashion Show Luncheon
Father - Daughter Dance
Festivals (Drama, Band, Choir, Drill Team, Outdoor Crafts, etc.)
Fill Up Your Bank Account - Article
Final Exam Care Packages
Financial Planning Seminars /Planned Giving
Flea Market
Flower Sale -- Mother's Day
Flower Arrangement Sales
Food Hawking (popcorn, cotton candy, cold drinks, etc)
Free Supplies And Merchandise
Fundraising Responsibilities Of A Board Member - Article
Game Contest Marathon
Garage Sale
Gardening Sale
Golf Tournaments (3 parts)
Grab Bags For Fair Attendees
Grand Ball
Grand Opening
Guess Beans In Jar Count
Hamburger Sales
Handmade Craft Sale Items
Hobby Fair
Home Tours
Host A Coffee Campaign - 2 Parts
How To Use Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT's) Effectively To Increase Donations - Article
Ice Delights - Snow Cone and Ice Cream Fundraiser
Increased Giving Essentials - Article
Individuals Raising Funds For Support - Article
International Foods Sampling Luncheon
Magazine Sales
Mall Booths (Children's Learning, Chef's Tools, Wood Worker's Gadgets, Mechanics Tools, etc.)
Membership Campaign
Merchant Shows (Wedding, Antiques, Home Building, Farm, Boat, Travel, etc.)
Money Tree Challenge
Movie Festivals
Newsletter Donations
No Show Event
Obstacles Of Asking For A Gift - Article
Octoberfest Festival
Old Christmas Tree Pickups
One Great Day Campaign
Outdoor Concert
Peddler's Cart / Kiosk Sales
Pennies From Heaven / Loose Change Fundraiser
Personal Face-To-Face Solicitation
Pet Shows
Photo Contests For Babies And Toddlers
Planning To Make A Profit? - Article
Product Sales - How To Book (Cookies, candy, candles, etc.)
Program Sales
Raffles (Quilts, Cash, Cars, Guns, Bikes, Collectable's, Doll Houses, coin sets, etc.)
Raise $10,000 Fast
Recycling Trash For Cash
Restaurant Chef's Challenge
Rummage/Garage Sale
Sauces To Sell
Scouting Fundraisers
Selling Preserves, Jams and Jellies
Sheriff's Posse or Jail And Bail Out
Sidewalk Chalk Art Show
Silent Auction   (also see Celebrity Auction)
Singing Messages
Speaking Engagements
Special Telegrams
Sports Exhibition Game
Starting A New Nonprofit
Starving Artists Show
Store Coupon Sales
Store Promotions
Style Shows
Supper With Ticket Sale (Chili, Hamburger, Spaghetti, Pizza, Barbecue, etc.)
Take Surveys For Money
Telephone Solicitation
The 24 Hour Money Machine
The Challenge Money Tree
The Great Garbage Grab-A-Thon
The Product Fundraising Campaign - Article
The Two Magic Words Of Fundraising! - Article
Ticket Sales Fundraising
Tournament (Golf, Tennis, Softball, Chess, etc.)
Treasure Hunts
Treats To Sell -- GORP
T-Shirt Sales
Turkey or Ham Raffle for Thanksgiving and Christmas
Used Book Sale
Used Car Donations
Using Flip Charts In Your Fundraising Appeal
Vehicle Donations
Volunteers -- Let The Sparks Fly - Article
Waiting Tables At A Popular Restaurant
Wall Of Honor
Wedding Fair
Wednesday Night Supper
Western Bar-B-Que Days
Wheel Of Prizes
Wine And Cheese Tasting's
Winter Mall Walk For Charity
Wish List
Yard Sale
Your Very Own Capital Campaign - Article
Free Fundraising Ideas
In The News

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Group Categories We've Helped

American Cancer Society
American Heart Association
Breast Cancer Assocs.
Christian Business Assoc.
Historical Anniv. Event
Library Association
March Of Dimes
Medical Associations
Military Support
Relay For Life
State Nurses Association
Womens Business Assoc.

Band Boosters
Choir Boosters
Grid Iron Club Boosters
JROTC Boosters

Church / Faith
Benelovent Fund
Children's Ministry
Christmas Musical
Church Choir
Homeless Pantry
Missions Projects
Missions Trips
Men's Ministry
Music Ministry
Outreach Ministry Fund
Pastor's Fund
Relief Shelter
Small Capital Improvement
Youth Ministry
Women's Missionary

4-H Clubs
American Heritage Girls
Boy Scout Troops
Boys And Girls Clubs
Cub Scout Packs
Drama Clubs
Environmental Groups
Fellowship Christian Athl.
Foreign Language Clubs
Gardening Clubs
Glee Clubs
Historical Society
Kiwanis Clubs
Lions Clubs
Student Honor Society
Y-Indian Guides

Personal / Individual
A-Thon Participant
Bowling Champions
Collegiate Golfer
Foreign Exchange Student
Home Schooling
Marathon Runner
People-To-People Amb.
Foreign Exchange Student
Summer International Travel
Tennis Star

Elementary School
Middle School
Jr. High School
High School
Catholic School
Church School
Private School
Parochial School
Day Care

Bowling - USBC Youth
College Intramurals
Cross Country
Little League
Pop Warner
Track And Field

If your nonprofit group is not on this list, give us a call about how we can advise your efforts. 

All consultations are free and at no charge.  We will steer you to the right fundraiser regardless of whether we sell you the products that we offer.

National organization representatives are welcome to call and determine how we can help your regional and local chapters. 
817-710-4669 or email us

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