Hamburger Sale Fundraiser

by Jesse Carter

A Hamburger Supper is a quick way to
raise funds without a lot of planning. 
The trick is to make sure and get
lots of customers.

It would be best to host your Hamburger
Supper where you are assured a lot of
traffic such as at a fair, shopping center,
or after church.  You may wish to hold
your supper on a night that will not be
in conflict with a high school football
game, fair or something similar unless
you are a participating vendor at these events.

Be sure to come up with a clever name showing that yours is not the typical hamburger supper.  Put a smiley face on flyers and put a picture of an open-faced hamburger with pickle eyes and a mustard smile.

An alternative is to make square hamburgers and call them Sponge Bob hamburgers based on the popular comic show Sponge Bob Squarepants.  By the way, he flips burgers at Crabby Patties Burger Shop at the bottom of the ocean.  Then put a picture of Sponge Bob on all of your literature and tickets.

Presell tickets so that you will have a good idea on how many hamburgers to fix.  Prepare for 2  3 dozen more suppers for those that come in off the street.

The Menu

Include in your Hamburger Supper all of the fixings, spears of pickles, peppers, various kinds of chips, desserts (cookie, brownie or cake), and a drink of their choice.  Be sure to have take-out bags, styrofoam containers, napkins, and straws on hand as well.  Ask local restaurants to donate these items to your group.

Also, have some snacks on hand like cookies, cupcakes, rice crispy treats or something similar for those not wanting a full meal.  Children accompanying adults are great customers for snacks like these.


Create flyers and give to shoppers at shopping centers or post where there is a place to post it (high school or college halls).  On the flyer, include the ability for each person that can't make it to the supper to make a donation for mailing in the attached form printed on the flyer (include your groups post office box and phone number on the flyer).

Chain stores like Sam's Wholesale Clubs typically allows groups to conduct a cooked hamburger plate fundraiser at their locations.  These are dependent on permission from the store manager.   Some stores could even offer a matching grant if employees are participating for up to $500 possibly.

These events attract a lot of interest from shoppers if done on a pleasant day at the store's entrance.  As always, sell tickets to your hamburger plate lunch with the suggested price, date and location where they can pick up their hamburger lunch.

A typical Hamburger Lunch will include hamburger with fixings, chips, cookie or other similar dessert, and a drink of their choice.  Be sure to have bags, Styrofoam containers, napkins, and straws on hand as well.  Many of these items can be donated by local restaurants.

Make sure that you have plenty of change on hand or try accepting donations or take payment using Square, PayPal Here, or

A Hamburger lunch fundraiser is a quick fundraiser with little manpower needed.  Have youth and adults active to serve the lunch.  Once all tickets are sold, you will have a good idea on how many lunches to prepare.  Prepare for 2  3 dozen more lunches for shoppers leaving the store.

As always, have flyers handy to give to shoppers advising them what you are raising money for and that they are welcome to make an online donation today or can mail the form printed on the flyer in to your groups post office box.

Extra Revenues

Have some snacks on hand like cookies, cupcakes, trail nut mix, rice crispy treats, chocolate bars or something similar for those not wanting a full meal.  Children accompanying adults are great customers for snacks like these.

At the cook site, have other savings programs like a Restaurant Card or a Ultimate $20 Gift Card of some sort.

Sell your own branded coffees for a little extra.  Kilambe Coffee & Tea offers custom labels for free.

Finally, have some fun by having it all theme related.  Perhaps have your sales team dressed up as the Hamburgler (McDonald's fame) or similiar.  There are many ways to dress up your Hamburger Sale, but don't "hold" the profit.
Fundraising Ideas - Hamburger Sales
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