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Handmade Craft Sale Items

by Jesse Carter

Unique Gifts

Do not forget the power of selling handmade goods anytime of the year.  Pay particular attention to selling items in the fall starting a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving right up to Christmas for last minute shoppers.  Go to to see many craft making ideas that other crafters have successfully created.

The Set Up

When you settle on a specific handmade gift to sell or a set of similar handmade gifts, then you will need to determine on how to sell your items.

The best way to sell your handmade items is at a booth or table set up in a shopping area or mall.  Your booth must be in a high traffic area.  It may even be at a grocery store, flea market, book store like BooksAMillion, or at a local fair if you can get a space reserved there.

If you have a ready made shop, then make sure that you invite the general public to your store to see your handcraft goods.  Ideal organizations for this way of selling include Junior League shops, Salvation Army stores, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Goodwill Industries storefronts and Christian shelter ministries stores.  This will also attract some good publicity as people come to visit your base of operations.

Handmade Items

Hot Sauces -- with your label on it. Find a sauce company will put your private label on a sauce that they make.

Wreaths  Grapevines, straw, or evergreen twigs (Juniper) make excellent natural sources of making your own.  You of course can use yarns, bows, and ribbons to decorate it further.  You may also contact wreath making companies like Christmas Forest.

Table Decorations -- Candle Centerpieces can be made with large candles and evergreens or plastic floral arrangements surrounding each.  Don't forget placemats and cloth napkins.  Get your candles at discount pricing here.

Leather Goods -- Moccassins are great for Christmas gifts.  See Tandy Leather for kits to make them.  This is a great gift for dads or moms.  Have the mocassin kits on hand, take measurements from each customer and sew the moccasins up while they shop (or make arrangements to deliver them later).  Or have your youth club make easy to make coin purses, wallets or other leather crafts on site.

Christmas Tree Skirts -- Here are some easy to make Christmas time items., WyomingMade, or Clay Creek has some fancy ones and typical pricing.  Be sure to check to meet others interested in making tree skirts.  See how it's done on HGTV.

Christmas stockings can be a fun way to make some profits.  See some great looking stockings here.

Christmas Crafts galore - Here are some sites that have some free resources.  FreeKidsCrafts has items for Scouting groups, bible related groups, and more.   Check the search engines for 'Free Christmas Crafts And Gifts" and you should find a multitude of free stuff and links to Christmas crafts.  There is a lot of interesting crafts that kids can make too. 

Homemade Lookalike Items For Resale

Don't have time to make your own.  Buy items from other vendors and resell at your own price.  Set up these at a booth or make up your own sales sheet and go door to door and take orders.

Hobby Lobby and Michael's has some great craft items. has a full range of crafts items completed or nearly completed.

These are just a couple of places to get items that you can create your own Christmas Craft Catalog that you can use to resell to parents, friends, and neighbors.  Use your word processing software to create an appealing mini-catalog of several pages of products.  Be sure to check on availability of the products before you put them down for your customers to buy.

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