Fundraising Ideas - Mother's Day Flower Fundraiser
Mother's Day Flower Sales

by Jesse Carter

Once a year Mothers Day comes around.  It is proper and honorable to give thanks to our mothers for all that they have done for us.

Ministries and nonprofit groups have a unique opportunity to bring some good will, raise some funds and also boost their image among the community. 

Providing flowers for the honoring of mothers on Mother's Day is a welcome service that people are happy to pay to receive for their beloved mothers.  Why not your organization provide this unique service to your community?


I suggest start planning at least 2 months before Mother's Day.  Decide who you will approach, how it will be offered and how many volunteers you will need.

Start out recruiting someone to Chair the event.  Give them the responsibility to recruit a volunteer for each 100 flowers you expect to sell.

There is some preparation involved for each carnation flower.  You will need some ribbon, florist's tape, lapel pin, and some "baby's breath" or similar accent flower to complete a corsage.  You will also need a small container to place each completed carnation for later distribution.  Some groups resell these carnations for $3 to $5.

Church Flower Sale

If you plan to simply hand out a carnation stem, then $2 to $3 may be appropriate as there is not as much preparation as there is with a corsage type arrangement.  Some church youth groups have conducted successful fundraisers with this technique.  There are not as many volunteers required completing this type of flower sale.

A list of recipients is made and the flowers are placed in one or more large vases and placed at the front of the sanctuary.  At the end of a service, volunteers take the flowers to the lobby and distribute these as the congregants leave.  An alternative is to have a table in the front lobby and distribute the stems as mothers go into the service.

At $3 for each carnation stem you can expect to earn $1.00 to $2.00 depending from which wholesaler you get them from.  You will earn much more, perhaps $5.00, with a corsage type flower that is pinnable on Mother's Day.  Use white carnations for mothers that have passed away and red to honor mothers still alive.

Have a program printed that will list the names of those mothers who are being honored and by whom.


One particular church had youth sell their family and church neighbors flowers for their mothers.

The flowers sold for $2 per stem in 1995.  Announcements were made during the services prior to Mother's Day and flyers were passed out to all Sunday School Classes.

On Mother's Day, mothers were handed their flowers as they left the sanctuary.  The youth raised about $1,000 with very little effort.

Community Nonprofit Groups And The Flower Sale

Community nonprofits can really capitalize on the publicity that this will create for them.  It will also bring in new donors into your organization if you conduct a flawless campaign.

Get word through your newsletter or monthly meetings that you will be providing carnations for Mother's Day.  Create an order form where potential contributors can order from you.  Place these signup forms in places of business, church or synagogue bulletins, and in your newsletter.

Include on the signup form the following:

1.A place to put contact information including name, address, e-Mail address, and phone number.
2.Who you are honoring.
3.The price for each flower (carnation or rose)
4.The color of the flower indicating red for living mothers and white for deceased mothers.
5.Pick up or delivery instructions
6.An area where someone can simply indicate they wish to give a donation in addition or instead of buying a carnation.
7.The cut-off deadline to insure proper distribution of orders.

Contact wholesale florists that can provide these flowers at lower prices and in bulk.  Input all donor information into a supporter database which will grow each year so that your organization may send an email "Flower Sale" alert each year.

Do these things and you will have a "blooming" success story to share.

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