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You'll find a great selection of highly profitable fundraising products at Profit Quests Fundraising.

Many individuals have raised money fast through online fundraising programs by getting their friends and relatives from all over the country to support their efforts and by asking them to help reach their personal goal.

If you would like help choosing the best fundraising ideas for your group we invite you to browse through our website or call one of our fundraising ideas experts toll free at the number shown.
Fundraising Products
Group Categories We've Helped
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American Cancer Society
American Heart Association
Breast Cancer Assocs.
Christian Business Assoc.
Historical Anniv. Event
Library Association
March Of Dimes
Medical Associations
Military Support
Relay For Life
State Nurses Association
Womens Business Assoc.

Band Boosters
Choir Boosters
Grid Iron Club Boosters
JROTC Boosters

Church / Faith
Benelovent Fund
Children's Ministry
Christmas Musical
Church Choir
Homeless Pantry
Missions Projects
Missions Trips
Men's Ministry
Music Ministry
Outreach Ministry Fund
Pastor's Fund
Relief Shelter
Small Capital Improvement
Youth Ministry
Women's Missionary

4-H Clubs
American Heritage Girls
Boy Scout Troops
Boys And Girls Clubs
Cub Scout Packs
Drama Clubs
Environmental Groups
Fellowship Christian Athl.
Foreign Language Clubs
Gardening Clubs
Glee Clubs
Historical Society
Kiwanis Clubs
Lions Clubs
Student Honor Society
Y-Indian Guides

Personal / Individual
A-Thon Participant
Bowling Champions
Collegiate Golfer
Foreign Exchange Student
Home Schooling
Marathon Runner
People-To-People Amb.
Foreign Exchange Student
Summer International Travel
Tennis Star

Elementary School
Middle School
Jr. High School
High School
Catholic School
Church School
Private School
Parochial School
Day Care

Bowling - USBC Youth
College Intramurals
Cross Country
Little League
Pop Warner
Track And Field

If your nonprofit group is not on this list, give us a call about how we can advise your efforts. 

All consultations are free and at no charge.  We will steer you to the right fundraiser regardless of whether we sell you the products that we offer.

National organization representatives are welcome to call and determine how we can help your regional and local chapters. 
Auctions Online Fundraiser

Type: Online
Profit: Varies, Unlimited

Everybody knows that online
auctions work, but there aren't
really made for nonprofits.  Well,
now there is a robust online
auction software that is easy
and affordable. Click Here to See

Beef Snack Fundraiser

Type: On The Spot Sales
Profit: Up To 45%

Jack Links Beef Sticks are a great
fundraiser. The beef sticks meet or
exceed most school nutritional
standards. (KOSHER) The sticks
sell for only $1.
Click Here to Start
Or Call 866-213-4864

Heritage Candles

Type: Brochure Sales
Profit: 50%

Heritage Candles are a premium
long burning, all-natural wax
candles come in decorative
canning jars and their labels and
individual gift-boxes are made
from recycled paper. 12 scents:
Hot Apple Pie, Butter Cookies,
Cinnamon Apple, Juicy Peach,
Gardenia, Holiday Spices, Mulberry,
Rain Forest, Sugar Roasted
Chesnuts, Pomegranate, Pumpkin
Spice Pie, Vanilla Bean.
Click Here to Start
Or Call 866-213-4864

Chocolate Candy

Type: On The Spot Sales
Profit: 40% - 60%

Offer their favorite candy bars,
like Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, 100
Grand and more, from renowned
chocolate brands Nestle, Kathryn
Beich and Hershey's.
Click Here to Start
Or Call 866-213-4864

Chocolate One Dollar Bars

Type: On The Spot Sales
Profit: 50%

Candy fundraising has been a great
way to raise money for years. We
strongly suggest you consider selling
the peanut freeOriginal One Dollar
Bars (KOSHER).  There is only a
1 case minimum. 1.5 oz. per bar. 
The candy bars taste great and are
a great way for any size group to
raise money.  Free Shipping 
Refridgeration is extra if needed.
Click Here to Start
Or Call 866-213-4864

Cookie Dough (Frozen Gourmet)

Type: Brochure Sales
Profit: Up to 40%

There's something for everyone
when you fundraise with gourmet
frozen foods and frozen cookie
dough. Offer popular and exclusive
cookie dough flavors, like Tasty
Batters and Tasty Ideas, featuring
flavors from Crazy About Cookies.
Click Here to Start
Or Call 866-213-4864

Coffee And Tea Fundraiser
from Kilambe Coffee & Tea

Type: Online and Brochure Sales
Profit: 30%, Monthly Recurring Option

At there is
a very large selection of Coffee, Tea,
and other beverages. Your organization receives a FREE Online Fundraising
Sales Website and there is no cost to
get started. 

Tell friends and family all across the
country and have items they choose
shipped straight to their personal
address.  No redeliveries!  No money
collecting!  No bulk shipping orders! 
No hassles!   Really!
Click Here to Start

Donation Management Software

Type: Online
Profit: Unlimited

Bloomerang hels you manage all of
your Supporters and Donors online,
anytime, anywhere through their
world class technology that is
engineered to help nonpforits
increase donors and donations
many times over.
Get Limited Free Access Trial

Enjoy The City Fundraiser

Type: On-The-Spot Sales
Profit: 50%

Enjoy The City produces the
most valuable coupon books
in the nation. Partnerships with
15K+ merchants.  Entire
campaign can be run in less
than 3 weeks.  No upfront costs.
Free shipping!
Click Here to Start
Or Call 866-213-4864

Holiday Santa Shop

Type: Consignment On-The-Spot
Profit: Varies by item.

Lil' Shopper's Shoppe - A Holiday Gift
Shop for grades K-6 and Day Cares
of 100 kids or more.  Parents, kids
and teachers love it.
1. 100+ Various Gifts - 85% under $4
2. 24/7 Online Access
3. Free Supplies
4. Merchandise Guarantee
5. Cash Register App
6. Online Video
7. Board Meeting Presentation
Click Here to Learn More

Lollipops Fundraiser

Type: On The Spot Sales
Profit: 50%

Everyone loves tasty lollipops in
vibrant colors, cool shapes including
basketballs and wild, gourmet flavors.
Choose from a huge variety including,
Hot Pops, Creme de la Creme, Color
Xploders, and more.
Click Here to Start
Or Call 866-213-4864
Online Magazine Fundraiser

Type: Online Website Sales
Profit: Up To 40%
Shipping: Home Delivery

Customize your own fundraising
webpage quickly and easily. 
Personalize it with team colors,
photos and more and earn up to
40% profit with each purchase that's
•It’s free, so no risk involved
•Reach supporters across the US!
•Stays open 24 / 7.
Click Here to Start
Or Call 866-213-4864

Nuts About Snacks Fundraiser

Type: Brochure Sales
Profit: 40%

Many nuts and snacks to choose
from will make everybody want to
choose something; thereby,
making you more profit!
Click Here to Start
Or Call 866-213-4864

Pretzel Rods

Type: On-The-Spot Sales
Profit: Up to 50%

Sweet and Salty, these pretzel rods
are the tastiest snack.  Comes in a
52 Count Variety Carrier - 20 Candy
Coated Chocolate Chunks, 20
Crunchy Toffee, 12 Rainbow
Sprinkles.  Sell for $1 each. Minimum
order 4 carriers (Master Case)
Click Here to Start
Or Call 866-213-4864

Recycled Trash Bags

Type: Brochure Sales
Profit: 40%

Thick, recycled trash bags are
practical and hardworking, from
the kitchen to the garage and
everywhere in between. Delivered
in convenient, coreless rolls, sized
small, medium and large.
Click Here to Start
Or Call 866-213-4864

Recycling Fundraiser

Type: Online and OnSite Donations
Profit: Varies by item.

There's nothing like helping the
environment while helping your
own funding plans.  Get this free
program and collect donations of
inkjet cartridges, laptops, laser
cartridges, cell phones, GPS and
other electronics.
Click Here to Start

Restaurant Card Fundraiser

Type: On-The-Spot Sales
Profit: 50%

Everybody loves dining out, so offer
your supporters huge savings at
thousands of their favorite
restaurants nationwide: They'll pay
just $20 for a $100 card!  There are
more than 10,000 participating stores. 
Note: Check at for
availability in your area before
choosing this program. 
Click Here to Start
Or Call 866-213-4864

Scratch Card Fundraiser

Type: On-The-Spot Sales
Profit: Up To 90%

Earning 90% profit, this fundraiser
is our most profitable! Supporters
scratch off one or more dots and
donate the amount(s) uncovered
in exchange for valuable coupons
for Pizza Hut, Mrs. Fields, TCBY
and more. Personalize scratchcards
with your team name, picture and
logo for maximum impact at no extra
cost.  Click Here to Start
Or Call 866-213-4864

Smanimals Scented Pets

Type: On-The-Spot Sales
Profit:  33%

Smanimals are super soft, gourmet
-scented plush toys packaged in
individual freshness “eggs.” Collect
all 8!  Shipping is free.

Click Here to Start
Or Call 866-213-4864

Smencils Scented Pencils

Type: On-The-Spot Sales
Profit:  45%

Do the earth some good next time
you fundraise! Smencils and Smens
are colorful and unique pencils and
pens made from 100% newspaper
in place of wood or plastic. A smellable
pencil fundraiser is an incredibly unique,
green fundraising idea, you'll raise
funds while doing your part to preserve
the environment.

Also, * $2 Smens (pens)
        * $1 Colored Smencils
        * Colored Markers
Click Here to Start
Or Call 866-213-4864

Sports Custom Decals Fundraiser

Type: Design And Pre-Order Sales
Profit: You Decide

In partnership with SportDecals,
we are proud to offer high quality,
performance wear, playoff tees,
custom decals, uniforms, jerseys,
spirit items, equipment and so
much more!
Click Here to Start
Or Call 866-213-4864

T-Shirt Fundraiser

Type: Custom T-Shirt Sales
Profit: Up to 60%

Choose high quality tees printed
with your team logo to increase
exposure for your team while also
bolstering team spirit!  Minimum 12
T-shirts.  Shipping is free.
Click Here to Start
Or Call 866-213-4864

Ultimate $20 Gift Card Fundraiser

Type: On The Spot Sales
Profit: 40%

The Ultimate $20 Gift Card is
redeemable for more than 650 items,
including popular magazines,
delicious cookie dough, exclusive
eCertificates and more!
Click Here to Start
Or Call 866-213-4864
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